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August 12, 2015

Work It Out! (your baby hair, that is)

I recently read a comment on a local group chat where one girl said her sheitel macher taught her how to “work out” the baby hair installed in her hair line to make it look the most natural. She was told to rub her finger back and forth across the hair line to bring out the short hairs that would obscure the front edge of the wig, making it look more natural. While this technique would indeed work, it would also cause a lot of wear and tear on the stitches that holds these hairs in place, causing cracking and breaking, and eventually excessive hair loss. (Disclaimer: All wigs do lose hair over time and should need hair added to maximize the life expectancy of the wig, but if you do things correctly, you can make the most of it and get more time out of each repair you invest in your wig! )

Instead of using friction to create your natural hair line, use the following technique to get natural results and minimum damage (It may take some practice, but a few extra seconds each day can save you several hundred dollars each year):

Wet the finger tips of one hand and keep the other hand dry. Using the dry hand, hold back the long hairs in the front edge of your wig. Run the other hand with wet fingers against those hairs gently back toward the face, extracting the short hairs and making them a little “fuzzy”. (The level of “frizz/fuzz” you get out of it will depend on the natural texture of the baby hairs installed, so your results will vary.) Repeat this until you get the desired effect, (assuming you have enough hair and the right texture,) but do not brush, touch or smooth it out until it dries. Then you can smooth any stray hairs that might be sticking up or tickling your face.babyhair

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