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Wig knotting

November 6, 2014

Work never stops…. this is bits and pieces of a conversation I had with someone on Facebook about knotting. She said her wig used to be fine and had recently started acting up. I mentioned the cuticle on the hair and there’s no guarantee against knotting unless the cuticle is stripped. Below is some of the explanation…. I just felt there was too much information here for me not to share…

  • If the wig was fine and still holding up from wash to wash, chances are you’re just suffering from the extreme dryness off this awful winter! Brush, brush, brush, because hair left in knots will crack and break, and then the damaged hair will cause more knotting. A good deep condition or hot oil should help moisturize the hair to get you through the rest of this winter, and then you may just go back to normal!

    You don’t want to strip the cuticle intentionally, and I don’t think it’s something you can do once the hair is in the wig anyway. It’s something that’s done in large vats of acid when mass-processing hair from ethnic sources so that they can then color and change the texture.y But the cuticle protects the hair and it’s color, so it’s not a BAD part of the hair. It just can get knotty, because it’s a microscopic texture on the surface. So it just has to be brushed, moisturized, and cared for properly….
  • Also, the wash could definitely cause knotting, in addition to the weather and dryness. If there’s any residue left behind (shampoo or conditioner not rinsed completely, or excessive products) they can act like magnets for dirt, and make the hair sticky, causing the knitting…. if it just came back from washing, ask the girl who washed it if she did anything different. Otherwise sitting for another wash and ask about a deep condition or Argan oil (Moroccan oil or any other brand) to help keep it soft without adding weight or sticky residue
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