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Washing your lace front wig

November 6, 2014

I replied to this question on a post in one of those community bulletin board type pages about where to buy a lace front…

Question: Can one of u tell me how the wigs that have lace front should be washed, because my lace front start is starting to stretch out?

Answer: The safest way to wash a lace front is carefully pinned on to a head, but if it’s not pinned carefully, this could rip it too, and it can be washed off the head, but also carefully.

In my opinion, you need to do your research before giving your lace front wig to anyone. Ask around and check with other people if their lace front is being properly cared for: ask about not stretching, if it’s sitting flat vs rolling up or rolling under, if it’s coming completely clean and things like accumulated make up are coming out, if it’s getting excessively knotty at the lace, Or losing hair…. all of these things can be an indication that the person carrying for your wig does not know how to work with a lace front.

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