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pony sheital pricing

June 9, 2013

Mind if I ask- what’s the average price for a ‘good’ quality pony shaitel? (I don’t know if you answer price questions, but it’s something I would love an opinion about…)

Price is such a variable thing because it really depends on every different sheital macher (if you are using a sheital macher).

It also varies based on the quality of hair and length, and you have to consider whether or not the cut is included or you are going to pay extra. so the price ranges that we can give you are just that – only ranges and estimates.

Now that we said that, we can tell you that the going rate now, are approximately $500-$1500 for cheaper hair mostly depending on length and brand and $2000-$3000 for better quality hair.

Some brands are above or below these ranges but this is our best estimate.

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