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Changing your bangs

June 9, 2013

question by S.G.O.

I have a wig with a side part and bangs. if I want to move the part to the center and get the bangs to split and go out to each side, how do I style it so the bangs stay off my forehead and out of my eyes?

In order to wear a wig that was cut to be worn to the side, we first recommend you consult with a stylist or better yet, the one that cut it, to discuss if it will look even and sit properly. Also make sure your wig has a multidirectional top and the part can in fact be moved. This includes the thin layer of hair sewn in underneath the front edge of the wig, which may be sewn straight down and therefore moved to either side, or it may be sewn in one direction or another and cause you problems if you try to move it in a direction other than the one it is sewn. you also need to make sure the location where you want to part is not too thin along the top by the front edge because this will make the edge of the fabric very visible and not natural looking at all.

Once you’ve determined these answers, it can be pretty simple to move: 

1. keep in mind that a multi directional top has to be wet and air dried or blown into place in order to stay

2. Use a tail comb or other pointed object to draw a line where you want the part: we recommend a subtle curve or parting just slightly off the center for the most natural results. 

3. allow the wig to air dry combed slightly exaggeratedly back away from the face. This will allow it to dry with some height and a little more natural lift. If you are handy with a brush and blowdryer, use a small round brush parallel to the part to blow a little bit of height at the roots, then turn the tips of the bang section away from the face for a natural sweep away from the face.

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