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Smoke smell

May 28, 2013

My friend recommended you to me for advice! how can I get rid of the bonfire smell from my sheitel WITHOUT washing it?

As far as getting rid of the smell of smoke, I cant say for sure if I know anything specific, but i can make a few suggestions: 
#1 I would try an open window, preferably at night, or out of direct sunlight so that you don’t over-expose to the sun. The breeze and constant fresh air should help it air out, while if you just tried a fan, you would only be cycling stale air that’s already in the room. 

#2 Many people try to use perfume to eliminate smells in their wigs. I don’t think this works, but a lightweight body spray might go a long way. It would probably work even better if followed by #1 above, being placed in front of an open window.

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