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frizzy hair?

May 28, 2013

This question was posted on a frum mommy forum. We sent our message vie pm and we are now sharing it with you:)

Does anyone know what products (companys) are used to wash and set shuly wigs? I have tried 3 diff brands of shampoos…and the hair crawls up and frizzes but when i gave it to shuly to wash it looked great for a long time! (Never experienced this with any other wig company…)

From personal experience, (working for her) i know for a fact that Shuly usually uses Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo, or some other salon deep cleansing brand, unless the sheitel has some other specific needs (deep conditioning, color care, etc…)
I also run a question-and-answer forum on my sheitel-wearing-information-blog and have a few other suggestions that may be affecting you and your wig: What you are describing sounds like a hand tied wig, and if it is, your construction may be extremely delicate and difficult to manage by an untrained professional: each stitch of hair needs to be brushed and trained in the right direction at each wash to make sure it doesnt bunch and separate in unruly knots and clumps. Shuly and one or two other brands make more of this construction than other companies, which is why i suspect this is your real problem if youve washed other wigs on your own in the past.
I suggest you call Shuly if you bought the wig directly from them and ask if your wig is hand tied. (They will be able to answer this based on your sales record only if you bought it from them directly, not through a sheitel macher). If it is, please discuss how to wash it with a professional before trying again.

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