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Creating side swept bangs

May 28, 2013

Creating side swept bangs

The secret to bangs is not just in the perfect cut or the quality of the hair but there is also very specific technique to get the perfect sweep to frame your face.
Obviously every wig is different and exactly where it settles on your face will also affect how your bangs will sit on a daily basis.
Using this step by step guide you can maintain your bang in between professional washes:
1. start holding a small brush parallel to your part. On medium-> low heat, list straight up away from the part.
2. pull the brush forward and down to bring the bangs down across your forehead. keep the blowdryer at a safe distance and heat so as not to burn your bangs.
3. as you come near the ends of the bangs, wrap the ends tightly around the brush and turn it towards the outside of your face.
This will give the bangs a sweeping finish away from your face.

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