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Fresh Wigs

April 19, 2013

Fresh Wigs

When we first saw the video for this new product, we thought it looked good and wanted to try it out, but when we finally got out hands on one,…. well, we were WOWed!!!! Not only do we LOVE the FreshWigs wig drying system, but we are sold! We will now be carrying them and selling them at a great price to sheitel professionals and do-it-yourself-individuals. Here’s why it’s so awesome and why YOU will want one too:

***FreshWigs really performs! We tried and tested and it keeps its promises; in our experiences, it took 3-5 minutes to get a wig halfway dry enough to style, and 10-12 minutes to be almost completely dry!

***The video seems too simple, but the system really is that simple and really works! Its easy to set up, easy to use and its just like the pictures and videos. No expertise required.

***It performs faster than professional dryers. Stylist that do a high volume of washes often have dryers: hood style like in salons or “oven”s which are wooden boxes with built in heating and air) which dry the wigs from the outside. FreshWigs dries the wig from the inside out, so it gets completely dry.

***Designed by an engineer, it acts like a diffuser, safely spreading out the distribution of air to dry your wig thoroughly without burning it!

When planned out properly, having a FreshWigs system is like having an extra person working with you to get your wig dry while you tend to the kids, or work on other wigs. In one particular test, I used it to dry one wig at a time while i washed and styled others, so that I was able to DOUBLE my production while working solo! I can’t say enough about the convenience of having it to help me through the day, which is why we are happy to announce that we will now be stocking the FreshWigs heads for sale!


***10% off all orders made by 4/25/2013

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