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Virgin red wigs?

April 17, 2013

Question From C.S

Someone asked me something recently and I thought you might know the answer. She asked me if I knew if there was anyone who sold “natural undyed” red wigs. I told her as far as I knew there is no such thing…. they are all dyed (then I recommended to look into you guys about inoa My hunch is that anyone who is selling a natural red is either going to charge a fortune (like 5K)and, if they are making a custom, then it will take YEARS to collect enough natural red hair. Obviously I’m no expert. Is this correct?

Regarding reds; 

The best way to tell a natural red from a dyed red is unfortunately over time. The wig will oxidize blonde if it was originally blonde, while natural reds will just become lighter intense reds. In our experience, Clarys is one good source for reliable reds. Over time, we have worked with several Shulys that were natural reds too. I would love to list a dozen different companies that oxidized blonde, but we don’t want to bad-mouth anyone. Just because we didn’t list them though, doesn’t mean all others are bad, but we cant necessarily vouch for them…

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