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shampoo/conditioner wig options and frizz

April 16, 2013

Question by D.K.S
what shampoo/conditioner do u suggest for someone who wants to wash their own wig?also, when air drying, any tips (in general) and to keep it from getting frizzy so that you don’t have to straighten (the already straight) wig?thanks!

If you have read our washing instructions, then you know that our top priority is not to leave behind any residue. (link to washing instructions)

Therefore, we recommend cheaper shampoos because they have a higher water content. This makes them more water soluble which makes them rinse cleaner and easier,leaving behind less residue. 

Our favorites are, Suave daily clarifying shampoo and Tresemme deep cleansing. This is not our recommendation however, for color or processed hair, because they can strip color. Please check back for future articles about sulfate free shampoos & conditioners to preserve your colored/processed wigs.

In order to answer your question about frizz on a straight wig we would like to know how it air dries, please see our instructions for air drying to determine the natural body/texture of the wig so that we can properly answer address your issue.

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