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itchy caps?

April 16, 2013

Quick question: caps that have a hard feel to them almost itchy feeling… What’s up with that?

Four possibilities: 

#1 is just a cheaper, stiffer net: usually that one that has the open lines/holes/wefts that you can stick your fingers through. This is usually also a stronger construction, so not totally a bad thing. 

#2 another possibility is that its just so new. In both cases, a few good washes should soften the cap and make it much more wearable. 

#3 its possible that a particular client is just that much more sensitive, or that there some sort of chemical reaction with a particular cap/fabric/metal clip, etc… This is much more difficult to diagnose because it can differ from wig to wig, even on the same person. Evidence of this over time is visible by the cap, lining or clips changing color extra fast, more dramatically than other customers. 

#4 if its not a new wig and some hair is slipping through the net of the wig, this can sometimes cause increasing itchiness with time.

Anyone who is still uncomfortable after the extra washes should look into a lining to soften the inside of the wig, or reduce the chemical reaction, or cover any hairs that are slipping through, but thats a slippery slope too, because it may tighten the fit, so it should be done by someone who can check the fit first 🙂

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