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How many wigs should people have?

April 16, 2013

*how many wigs should people have??

We’ve been asked dozens of times in the past, ‘How many wigs should i have?’ “how many wigs do i need?” We also have been asked, which wig should be my weekday wig and which wig should be my everyday wig?
Believe it or not, we believe these 2 questions are tied together.

We believe that everyone should have at least 2 wigs that match her exactly: color, texture, length & fit. If you have 2 great wigs that match and are easily interchangeable you can switch back and forth and give one into the ‘shop’ without worrying who is going to wonder why your hair changed today.

If you have a third in this particular case, then you are set! 

If you have different lengths, textures or quality levels, then you may need to dedicate a particular wig for weekday and a different one for dressy. in this case, a complete wardrobe would include a fourth wig, so that you have 2 for alternating weekday wear and two for shabbos/dressy for the same reasons listed above.

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