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Inoa dye

February 26, 2013

New INOA dyes!

For those of you who asked, we will post a more comprehensive article about the difference between and INOA and other dyes, iy”h, this coming Wednesday 🙂

But here are a few key features of INOA dyes that had us sold from day one:
*the most obvious feature to fall in love with is its subtle pleasant smell: NO AMMONIA means no holding your breath for the duration of the process, and no stink left in your wig for months after!
*the thick, creamy texture stays put where applied, for more complete coverage, more exact application
*truer, brighter colors that take evenly throughout the wig and don’t “overcook”: if a wig is unevenly colored and oxidized, INOA can be left longer to take stronger in those areas without the risk of getting too dark in the other areas. Their shades are also brighter, more realistic, with the reds being real and ashy tones do not come out fake and brassy or greenish…
*the final and probably best feature of all, is that the oil based process seals the color in so it lasts longer!!!

(More next week on how it works and why we love it!)

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