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Wig Care & Repairs

February 6, 2013

When to repair:

As I mentioned, average repairs should add up to about $100 per year, in addition to your regular wash and sets. So once a year, you should evaluate whether or not your wig needs any maintenance. There are a few specific things you can check on by yourself without bothering your stylist. First is color: compare the layer of hair on the top of your head (that are most directly exposed to the sun) to the layers of hair underneath which are not as exposed, in a well lit area, and see if there is a significant color change from top to bottom. A significant difference in color means its time for a dye.

Obviously if there are any holes in the net, visible inside the cap or from the outside, they need to be addressed immediately. Most of the time, it can wait until your wig needs a wash but it never hurts to check with your wig professional. If you wait until you’re giving it in for a wash , make sure to tell your stylist before she washes it, as it may get worse in washing and may be best to repair it first. 

Another way to tell your wig needs some work is if its not lasting from month to month looking as good as it has in the past. This may mean that the hair needs a good conditioning, a little cutting, a dye, or you may need to add hair if its gotten too thin with age. If a wig used to hold a set for six weeks but now it seems to need a wash every three, you definitely need to do some work. Obviously, visible bald spots also mean you need to add hair, but ask someone to check whether they are visible still when the wig is on your head, not just when you’re holding it up in the air or on the Styrofoam head, because everything lays differently on your head than anywhere else.

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