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Storing a wig

February 6, 2013

Question by E.G

Is there a way to put a wig in storage? Ie, a really nice one that you would only wear to a simcha maybe once a year?

Long term storage for your wig:

To store a wig that is not styled, just make sure its completely dry and roll it into a Ziploc bag. Keep out of the sun or excessive fluorescent lighting.

To store a styled wig, you must have a wig box with a head that is the appropriate length for the style. Keep the box zipped shut to avoid moisture, dust and the other elements of the air that will make a wig dirty. Use T-pins to keep the wig secure and keep the style from falling. If you don’t have a wig box in the right length, you can keep it out, but cover it with a light weight, static free scarf or slip to keep it clean and dust free.

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