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Hair inside wig?

February 6, 2013

Question from K.G

What do you do about hair that has made its way to the inside of the wig? How do you prevent this from happening and what can you do to reverse it??

There are three types of construction: hand sewn hair on a stretch net, machine sewn on stretch and open wefts

If hair slips through a hand made stretch, there’s nothing to do about it other than cut it out carefully from the inside. It happens slowly over the course of years of normal wear and tear. It can also happen much faster due to over conditioning the wig, in which case, you can cut it out but it will just continue to increase.
If hair comes through to the inside of open wefts, its pretty simple to pull it back through to the other side. Simply by brushing the wig sideways your even upside down, you can usually get all the hair back into place. This is only if the wefts are still intact and secure. If the wefts are beginning to fall apart, it may not even come all back to the proper side, and will probably begin losing hair at a faster than normal rate.
Hair rarely comes through a machine stretch cap. Over conditioning can also make the wefts fall apart, but then the hair will just fall out. Most wigs made these days are on this construction.

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