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Secrets your sheital macher will never tell you

January 23, 2013

Last, But Certainly Not Least, Secretive Secret of Them All:

This last little-known secret may sound self serving, but I heard that someone put out an article about this last secret years ago. I haven’t been able to track down the magazine or the article, but I would like to share my take on it: There is a common misconception that everyone in this business is “raking it in”, “rolling in cash” or however else you’d like to put it. What your sheitel macher won’t tell you is this: Women who go into this business and love what they do are not doing it to take your money and run. Many stylists are likely suffering in the current economy as much as everyone else. For every sale that they make an easy buck on, there are three that they have to take a hit on. Everyone expects a guarantee of some sort, or some free advice or service, and an unlimited amount of attention and time, to be included in their very expensive purchase. But the costs of production, hair and the staff to serve you in the manner which you’ve become accustomed to have become overwhelming.

With all the stylists out there (and there are so many) you may find one that is dramatically cheaper than the other and think that the more expensive one is charging more just because she can, based on her reputation. There is some validity to that argument, but only in that she has to support a staff that will maintain that reputation, and have quality workers. The turnover of employees and constant training of new people is enough to raise her prices over another sheitel macher, but then there is also the quality of her products and wigs to consider too. She will also definitely have more overhead, to support work space for all that staff and make the place presentable to suit her reputation, because in a beauty related business, you have to maintain a certain look. Finally, you just have to expect to pay for the years of knowledge that she has accumulated, but don’t count of her taking too much of it home at the end of the day. You probably won’t find her complaining though, which is why this is the biggest secret of them all, because at the point that a stylist is paying that big of a payroll and overhead and cost of goods sold, she also has to maintain her dignity and professionalism.

There is a limit to how much a sheitel macher can charge without getting a reputation for being obscenely overpriced. There are some who don’t mind that reputation and even endorse it, but they too have advertising expenses to show for their reputations. I haven’t even begun to explain the expense behind the sources of hair, the dealers who sell it, the laborers who organize and sort it, and all the other steps it takes to create the wigs. Much of that even remains a secret to me, but I have seen enough to know that by the time a very expensive wig reaches a sheitel macher, she is not left with much room for mark-up, because everyone else has taken their little bit off the top. 

The only secret left to tell is not really a secret at all: If you research thoroughly and choose wisely, you’re bound to get your money’s worth from a very hard working stylist who may become your friend, therapist and confidant (to share plenty of secrets with) throughout the years you will be wearing a wig.

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