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Secrets Your Sheitel Macher Will Never Tell You

January 22, 2013

Exposing Scandal #3

This one could really get me in trouble with other sheitel machers, so please read carefully and all the way to the end: Most custom orders and repairs don’t take as long as you’re being told it will have to take. Not only that, but many sheitel machers may all be using the same few large manufacturers and there is not always much of difference between what one can do and the other can do, even if there is a price difference. That’s not to say that one sheitel macher is ripping you off or taking advantage: every stylist has their own policies and mark-up and they’re often very justified Often the price difference from one stylist to the next is based on their overhead (rent on a retail storefront vs. a basement) and the size of their staff.

At the end of the day, repairs and custom orders will vary based on the knowledge of each sheitel macher. Production times are very often padded for very valid reasons too. If a stylist tells you too little time, and then something happens to delay an order or repair, she will look bad even if it was out of her control. In case of an emergency, though, a rush job may be possible. That being said, I advise my own customers and anyone else’s customers to never, ever count on a rush job and avoid “emergency” situations to begin with. Your emergency may not rank very high on the list of everyone elses emergencies too, so give yourself extra time for any time-consuming repairs or orders!

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