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Fallen out curls

January 16, 2013

Question by J.S

why is it that whenever I put curls into my wig with a curling iron they always fall out within a day??? what am i doing wrong?

There could be a lot of different reasons why your curls aren’t staying. Ranging from the natural texture of the hair, your hair iron or even how you wash it. Without seeing the wig, I can only give you my standard guideline for keeping your curls:
Air dry it wavy to maintain wave. If you brush it straight while its wet, it will stay straight when styled, if you let it dry in its natural waves, it will hold the waves longer. This will also help you confirm if the hair is naturally wavy, straight or curly: don’t expect a stick straight wig to hold curls for any period of time. As far as the iron goes, try using a smaller barrel iron, or smaller sections of the hair in each curl. This will make the curls tighter, and possibly stay longer. As a last resort, use a little product (hairspray, mousse or gel): just know that you will have to wash it sooner because product attracts dirt and makes it need a wash faster.

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