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Fabologie & Wigipedia on 40’s waves

January 15, 2013



wigSince Rodarte 2012 (and really forever) we have been obsessing Veronica Lake-like locks. Glamour, glamour, glamour! And last night, when Nicole Richie opted the face-framing waves a la Golden Globes, we got the signal loud and clear: spring’s fashion and beauty are channeling a retro elegance of decades past. Turning to the mod bloggers of Wigipedia, we find insight on how to take the fab style sheitel-chic. xx

As a hair stylist, I have to watch out for upcoming trends, but as a wig stylist I have to be cautious when working with my clients not to veer too trendy. Wig styles tend to follow hairstyles, truthfully they lag a little behind. People are weary of styling their wigs. They usually don’t want to change to a new, more current look until they are sure they can do it without permanently damaging their costly pieces or cutting to the point of no return (aka not being able to restyle in the future).

Fabulous 40s waves are showing up all over. Their presence on fashion runways cannot be ignored, and we’ve even seen most recently at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. The great news about these waves is that they are easily interchangeable with the trended flatter-styled layers, making it not at all risky to try on your newest, longest wig. When cutting wigs, I always attempt to err on the side of longer, rather than shorter, making these waves great for trying out now, before everyone else is wearing them–or you cut your piece. Practically speaking though, they can be a little high maintenance, as they won’t last unless done on wavy-textured hair. But, don’t be discouraged! Luckily it’s not too difficult to try them on your own sheitel in the comfort of home.

All you need is a good handful of pincurl clips or “T-pins” to set it up. Try for the first time on dry hair, to avoid dents and marks. If it works, but comes out a little too weak, you can repeat the next time on damp hair and allow it to dry in position to get a longer lasting set. To start, separate vertical sections parallel to your hairline, twist them away from your face, until they begin to curl back on themselves. Allow the curl to naturally twist back and flatten it against the head, and secure in place with pins or clips. Repeat in vertical sections, moving lower as you travel around to the back of the head, then repeat starting from the other side. Once curls are completed, leave it to set overnight, and take it out in the morning, ensuring yourself enough time to correct any stray pieces with a curling iron.

As with any style, there is a way to make this look work for any face structure. If side bangs of a certain length work for you, than keep that length while changing the rest of your wig: long, short, wavy, straight. This soft and elegant look can be done in neat, shoulder length (Nicole Kidman), as well as long locks (Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez), and was even spotted on the red carpet as tendrils accenting a tight, neat up-do (Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner). Perfect for the dressiest of affairs.

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