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Secrets Your Sheitel Macher Will Never Tell You

January 9, 2013

Dramatic Secret #2

You can do your sheitel yourself and you don’t have to spend $3000 on a class to do it. Most classes don’t give their students real hands-on practical experience. There are a few key tricks and important tips to actually washing and setting your sheitel. After that, it all depends on practice, practice, practice. Not all stylists will be willing, but some may allow you to hang around and watch them (or their staff) wash a few wigs to get the basics. But even without washing, a few basic tools can keep you looking fresh for longer and get more time between washes. Those tools will differ based on the style of each wig, but if you pay close attention to how your stylist does your wig, you will be able to decide which to invest in first. Also, your sheitel macher may be using very expensive tools, while you can probably get away with much cheaper versions for the once in awhile you may be using it. (I’ve given more detailed instructions for washing and heat styling in past articles, so feel free to browse through them on our Wigipedia page.)

Obviously, speaking about this particular topic in person was a little easier, because I could give out styling tips based on each individual’s style, but there are a few things that can be relayed on paper. For starters, practice on an old sheitel you don’t love anymore, just in case you get something wrong, you won’t regret it. Also, use curling or straightening irons with variable heat settings, only on the lowest settings so that in case a section of hair comes out a little wrong its easier to re-do. This will save you from having to rush it in to the stylist for an emergency re-blow because you messed it up, or worse, irreversible heat damage. The only tried and true way to get it right is to practice over and over, so start on a low heat setting just to be safe. Once you have the style down-pat, you can do it on a higher setting much faster.

Of course there are other tricks to upkeep your sheitel by yourself and maintaining it for longer in between washes, but so many of them have to be recommended on an individual basis. One other thing you can count on to make your wig fresher is brushing it out. Letting knots pile up into a big ball of mess won’t look natural. Also not allowing your wig to look clumpy and greasy and matted down is pretty universal, so brush it out gently but freely. If you’re afraid to brush it out, it will never have that loose natural flow that real hair has. Curly styles are a little harder to brush out, but you can at least use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to loosen it up and maybe brush through just the bangs and top of the wig for lift and height.

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