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Secrets Your Sheitel Macher Will Never Tell You

January 2, 2013

I was asked in the past to speak to a group of women about this subject, so it’s not original material. I can’t take credit for the subject matter because it was given to me by the organizer, but it generated so much attention, that I’ve been asked to repeat it lots of times. I was asked to give away a few secrets of the wig industry, and give a small tutorial on how to stay away from your sheitel macher longer. The question and answer session generated more information than I had originally even planned to discuss, so I have even more to divulge.

Big Secret #1

The first and most scandalous secret of the sheitel industry is that not every sheitel macher out there knows what they’re doing! In their defense though, many are great at one or another aspect of the business and some can even admit that they don’t know about other aspects. For instance, some stylists are really great with a pair of scissors and give a great cut, but its the same cut for every customer and has nothing to do with the customers’ faces and individual features. Or they can properly cut to suit every face that comes and goes from their salon, but know nothing about properly fitting a cap. Some know how to properly fit a cap but don’t have a sharp eye for color. Others may not have the years of experience or knowledge to tell the difference between different qualities of hair. The list goes on and on…

Being a great sheitel macher requires many different aspects of a very diverse business. Cut, color, texture, fit and construction are only the physical aspects of the wigs. Once those have been mastered, a stylist has to pick up on the personal feelings and taste of each client. While playing psychiatrist or therapist, they also play translator to pick up on certain keywords that people may use to express their likes or dislikes: one person’s “body and bounce” may be another’s “too limp and lifeless”. There are plenty of stylists who are great with people but not with hair, too. All in all, its a tricky balance. The best are either the ones who can do it all (very few and far between though) or those who can admit what they are good at and concede defeat in the fields they know nothing about (this category includes the places that sell but don’t cut, or just do color and highlights, or fitting and repairs only but not new wig sales).

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