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All About Consigning Wigs

December 28, 2012

As some of you may know, we work very closely with Rimona Hornung of MOPS Sheital Consignment. Feel free to contact her directly to consign your wig. Right now she is specifically looking for long wigs in all colors.

We’ve found that some people don’t know exactly what consignment is all about, so here is an explanation about how it works.

A growing trend in the wig business seems to be re-selling used wigs. First there was one or two consignment shops specifically for wigs, but now they are popping up all over the place, even with more than one operation in the same city.

Around the world, there are consignment shops for everything: clothing, designer shoes and bags, toys and tools. Anyone can drop off their goods, at no initial cost to the shop owner. If the item is sold, the sale price is split, by pre-determined percentage, between the owner of the item and the shop. If the item does not sell, the original owner can choose to take it back at some point: usually also an at agreed upon period of time later.

The concept allows people who like to spend money on designer and name brands to recover some of the exorbitant costs of being fans of those designers. They usually use their cash towards their next designer finds. It also allows people who would not otherwise buy those quality brands to do so at a more affordable price, often half the original price or less. Some others use it as a convenient way of changing their style: you can often sell one wig and use the proceeds to pick another new one at a great price! Even though we write this blog as stylists, we feel its important to clarify some things about consignment because it is becoming such an important trend:

What IS consignment: like i said, consignment is a commitment. Its a legal agreement between two people, for the consignor (original owner of the wig) to give it to the shop owner (consignee) for a designated period of time in order to sell it. When it is sold, the consignee will pay the owner based on a predetermined percentage and keep a portion of the sale price as a commission. Consignment shops do not buy and re-sell used wigs. They do not lay out any money until a wig sold.

Who to go to: i used to tell my customers to try to sell their wigs on Luach, Facebook, or Craigslist first, because they would get the most exposure on the web. But consignment shops generate more serious inquiries and allow the wigs to be tried on. Before you consign your wig, you should check the reputation of the shop first. Also ask your friends if their experience with the shop was positive. Obviously, if you know the consignment shop owner personally and are convinced they are an honest person, you can proceed.

What to check for when buying: many shops have a no returns/exchanges policy, so make sure you check the wig completely before buying. Look for obvious and also not so obvious holes inside and outside the cap. Also check for subtle uneven spots in the coloring of the wig, which are telltale signs that the wig was dyed. This will mean a little less life expectancy for the wig. Make sure the cap is comfortable and if it needs some work, be sure to ask if repairs, cutting and/or washing and setting will be included, but don’t be surprised if it is not.

What to check for when consigning: if at all possible, sign an agreement, and keep a copy so you know what to expect. Check the condition of your wig before you give it in, and know whether or not your agreement allows the consignment shop to alter your wig in order to make a sale. If it doesn’t get sold and you end up taking it back, you will want to know that it is still the way you gave it in. Also know the terms of your agreement and the standard consignment period, in case you find someone else who is willing to buy it on your own.

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