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Air drying your wig

December 25, 2012

Question by Y.A

Thank you for the article ‘Washing your wig.’ How can I dry my wig for most natural curls/waves?

For a wavy look, wring out the wig gently after washing and then run your brush through it one more time while its still soaking wet. Take it by the ear pieces and hold it in the air with the open side of your cap facing up. Shake it out gently then lay it down slowly onto a towel. You can give it a little side to side jiggle as you lower it onto the towel, or lift it again and lower it again a few times to “scrunch” the curls, or give them their own natural bounce. The hair will only take as much wave as it naturally has, so don’t try it with straight un-layered hair. The wig has to stay in this position for at least a couple of hours, but not until its completely dry, because then it’ll be harder to fix any unwanted bumps and funny looking curls. Thicker longer wigs may need six to ten hours like this, while shorter or thin wigs can probably be picked up after 3 or 4 hours. Experience will tell you just how long your wig needs. When you think its about halfway dry, pick it up and gently put it on a head to dry the rest of the way. When you hang it up, check for any weird bumps and smooth them out with your hands before it dries the rest of the way. Once its dry, you can touch up any wayward curls that might be sticking out in funny places with a quick touch of a curling iron.

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