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Maintaining your curly wig:)

December 21, 2012

Question by A.S
Hey, can you post about how to keep curly sheitels from getting frizzy and unkempt-looking? When I wash mine and put in anti-frizz cream or mousse, it looks great for about 3 days but then over time it looks more and more messy . I try putting more product in it or spraying it with water but it just ends up getting stringy and crunchy cause I guess there’s TOO much product in it then. It seems like it’s a lose-lose situation. Any tips? I wish I could wash it more often, but if I wash it more than once a month, won’t it wear out and become damaged? Help, please! Thanks

There is a common misconception that naturally curly hair is easier because it is just wash-and wear, no-styling-necessary, but I am sure you have figured out that is not the case. Curly styles (not curling-iron-styles, but natural curls) are easier to style but actually take a lot more maintenance because they need to be washed more frequently because of build up from styling products. There are a few things you can do to keep your curl looking fresh-from-the-shower-perky!

#1 which products: Look specifically for light weight, oil free and alcohol free styling products. You may want to find a conditioning oil that is very thin and light weight, that can hydrate the hair and keep it from getting too dry.

#2 how much product:Always start with a very small amount of the product, about the size of a half dollar in the palm of your hand and spread it around completely between your palms. Begin applying at the ends (where the hair is more likely to get messy looking) and slowly work your way upwards towards the roots to avoid grease streaks.

#3 how often: Most curly wigs need to get done close to every three weeks, based on how much or how little product you’re using. For the first few days after a proper wash with the proper drying technique, you should be able to get away with little to no product. When it starts to get fuzzy and messy apply product according to the instructions above using as little as possible. A few days later when it starts looking messy again, soak it with water to reactivate the product that is already there. Alternate water and product every few days to avoid too much build up. Finally when it comes to reapplying styling product for the third time, it may be time to wash it all out and start again.

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