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December 21, 2012

Question from T.R
How do i keep my wig from getting static?

Try these quick tips to stop looking like you stuck your finger in a socket:

1: static guard: dont spray it directly on the sheitel, (it’ll look greasy and leave behind residue) spray it on a brush and gently run the brush over the top layer of your wig, and underneath it at the nape, as these are the first spots to show

2: no static guard in the house: use a fabric softener/dryer sheet, and gently rub over the top layer of the wig, being careful not to press too hard (for the same reasons as above: avoiding grease streaks and residue)

3: not in the house and need a quick fix on the go: moisten your hands with a drop of water, or use a fine mist spray bottle to moisten just the top layer. 
This method is very short term, so when you get home, dont forget to use one of the other methods

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